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Premier Health Care Services Inc. is a Licensed and Certified home health agency with over 20 years of experience.   We provide quality and compassionate health care to patients residing in over thirty counties. Our corporate office is  located in Desoto Texas.  We also have offices located in Hurst, Greenville, Athens, and Tyler.   Our locations ensure maximum coordination of care and convenience for our staff, medical practitioners and the communities. Our team of experienced and skilled health care providers are committed to providing the highest level of care incorporating a multi-discipline approach based on the needs of each individual patient. We thoroughly and continuously screen our employees with background checks, criminal history checks, driving record checks.  We also have ongoing training for our clinical and administrative staff to stay knowledgeable in all areas of health care.  

We recognize the benefits of Home Health Care due in part from the fact that patients are being discharged earlier from the hospitals than ever before. The medical treatment, safety and happiness of the patient's care are most important to us. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have concerning your care and treatment.  

Here at Premier Health Care Services Inc., we strive for excellence in every aspect of care.  It is a well known fact that individuals heal quicker in their own home environment.  We believe that patients who entrust their lives into our care for assistance in a program toward wellness deserve nothing but the best.  Because of this commitment, we seek to demonstrate our belief in the dignity and worth of each individual.  We recognize that every human being has personal rights, which must be respected and should not be violated.

Our focus is to generate measurable benefits which meet or exceed the needs and expectations of:

  •            Patients/Clients

  •            Families

  •            Physicians

  •            Referral Sources

  •            Payors

  •            Regulators

  •            Staff

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